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Rules of Administration

as of 29.10.2020

  • Dear players and guests of our project! Administrator is a voluntary position, you can always apply for admin(click).
  • If you think that the Administrator has violated his rights, you can always file a complaint against him(click).

1. The Administrator is obliged:

1.1 Observe the basic rules of the project/server/administration, as well as the terms of punishment.
1.2 To keep order on the server, punish violators of the order in a timely manner, guided by the rules of the server.
1.3 Explain to the offender the reason for the ban / mutation before issuing a punishment. Any punishment must be accompanied by the necessary proof.
1.4 Play often on the server (at least 1-2 hours a day, or 14 hours a week). If you have no desire or cannot play, then go for the spectators, but online for the AFC you will not be counted!
1.5 Use obscene words in moderation (including chat), be courteous, polite, patient.
1.6 Identify errors, server bugs in all possible ways. If found, report the fault immediately.
1.7 Be active, visit the site, forum, at least once a day, and also view the project's Discord channel.

2. The Administrator has the right:

2.1 Give unban / blurred only to the player who was personally punished! The main administration of the server reserves the right to unban / blur any player.
2.2 Manually change the card in case of a technical problem, or if the administrator sees that the online server is lost due to the card.
2.3 Help players using the admin panel in case, for example, the player is stuck in textures, etc. (Admin decides for himself).
2.4 Maintain a personal record of the demo, as well as confirm any violation with a screen, demo.

3. The Administrator is prohibited from:

3.1 Use the administration functions for personal or entertainment purposes, indulge in.
3.2 Exaggeration of their rights: gaining superiority over players, bullying, issuing punishments for no reason, this also includes dislike for a person (Admin rights are taken immediately)
3.3 Threatening with a ban / moot or any other punishment for no reason.
3.4 Provoke players to violate server rules!
3.5 Protect violators, help evade punishment, even if they are your friends or acquaintances.
3.6 Quarrels, use excessive swearing, be rude (This also applies between Admins)
3.7 Ban / harass another administrator without appealing to a higher administrator.
3.8 Change cards at will, without voting. Cancel any polls.
3.9 Violate the basic rules of the server (Admin rights are taken immediately)
3.10 Do not act when there are intruders on the server (Exception if you have moved to AFC)
3.11 Conceal information received about rule violations.
3.12 Transfer your rights to a third party (Admin rights are taken immediately)
3.13 Change nickname and enter any servers on our project, without an accepted statement on the forum (Exception if the cheater is being watched)

Remember that the Admin is not the owner, but the person on the server who keeps order. Show your good side, watch your speech and your emotions. The Administrator status has not only privileges, but also great responsibility.
In case of violation, the Administrator will be given 3 reprimands (except for those rules for which the rights are immediately removed), after which the rights will be removed + they will be banned.

Be careful and follow the rules of the project and of each server in particular! Have a good game!
Best regards, Main Administration of the TickRateGames project.

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